Competitive Strengths

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Our Directors believe that our competitive strengths are as follows:-

(a) Extrusion facilities

We are the only aluminium extruder in Singapore to have extrusion production facilities located in Singapore. We are able to respond to our customers within a short turnaround time and hence, we play an important role in the supply management of customers who require their orders to be fulfilled within a short lead-time. Our close proximity to our customers also gives them the flexibility to review and modify their product prototypes before mass production begins. This is especially critical for our customers in the electronics and precision engineering segment.

(b) Barriers to entry

We believe that there are entry barriers to the niche market that we have created for ourselves. The technical know-how involved in the production of quality precision extruded profiles cannot be duplicated easily. In addition, setting up extrusion production lines requires intensive capital investments, followed by a high level of resource commitment to keep up with new technological advancements in the industry. Further, the need for strong engineering capabilities and an established track record usually leads to a long lead-time before a new entrant is qualified by major customers in the industry to be an approved supplier and thereby making it difficult for them to enjoy economies of scale if orders are not placed through them.

(c) Technical capabilities

Over the years, we have built up technical know-how on the production of precision extruded profiles. We are capable of delivering products that meet the requirements of our customers from the electronics and precision engineering segment. As the product requirements of such customers are generally much more stringent than those required by extruded profiles users in general, we believe that our ability to supply to such customers is a testimony of our technical capabilities.

(d) Experienced management team

Our business activities are managed by an experienced and dedicated team. Our CEO, Executive Director and Executive Officers have many years of working experience amongst them and have in-depth knowledge of the aluminium extrusion industry.