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Investor Relations

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As At 16 March 2016


Distribution Of Shareholdings


Twenty Largest Shareholders


Substantial Shareholders



  1. Tan Chu En Ian and Sinta Muchtar are spouses. Tan Chu En Ian and Sinta Muchtar each owns 50% of the issued share capital of Treadstone Holdings Pte. Ltd. They are therefore deemed to be interested in Treadstone Holdings Pte. Ltd.'s shareholdings in the Company.
  2. Ms. Sinta Muchtar owns 12.5% of the issued share capital of Lauw & Sons Holdings Pte. Ltd. She is deemed to have an interest in the 4,147,923 shares owned by Lauw & Sons Holdings Pte. Ltd., and the 320,000 shares owned by her spouse, Mr Tan Chu En Ian.
  3. 900,000 shares owned by Treadstone Holdings Pte. Ltd. are held through a nominee.

Based on information available to the Company as at 16 March 2016, approximately 69.74% of the total number of issued shares of the Company is held in the hands of public, and therefore, Rule 723 of the Listing Manual of the Singapore Exchange Securities Limited is complied with.

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