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Our Business

We are principally engaged in the production of quality precision aluminium alloy extruded profiles. Our business is categorised into two broad segments, namely, (a) electronics and precision engineering, and (b) construction and infrastructure building.

(a) Electronics and precision engineering

Under our electronics and precision engineering segment, we serve principally the component manufacturers of HDDs, computers and computer peripherals. We also serve companies whose production processes involve precision machining and industrial automation. The extruded profiles that we supply to these manufacturers form part of the mechanical components and parts which they manufacture.

(b) Construction and infrastructure building

In the construction and infrastructure building segment, we serve principally customers which are involved in projects relating to public infrastructure, building construction, interior fixtures (including certain office equipment), signages and advertising panels.Some of the final end products which are made from our extruded profiles include curtain walls, window frames, highway flyover guard-rail, bus shelters, office plan systems, shelvings, wardrobes and advertising billboards.