Future Plans

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Our business strategies and future plans are summarised as follows:-

(a) Extrusion using specialty alloys

As aluminium is a versatile metal which is used by a wide variety of industries, we see the potential of selling our products and services to industries which we are currently not serving. However, in order to do so, we will develop new capabilities to produce extruded profiles from specialty aluminium alloys. For instance, we have recently completed our production trials with the 2000 Series and 7000 Series aluminium alloys. Based on their mechanical properties and their common usage (see table below), we have also identified automotive and defence industries to be typical users of these two types of aluminium alloys and we have since been actively marketing our services to these industries. We believe that the new extruded profiles from the 2000 Series and 7000 Series would auger well for our Company to penetrate the automotive and defence industries. Going forward, we will continue to develop other new specialty alloys for extrusion.

Aluminium Alloy Properties Uses
2000 Series High strength, relatively low corrosion resistance, excellent machinability properties and heat treatable. Typically used in  automotive and  defence industries.
7000 Series Very high strength, low corrosion resistance and good  machinability. Typically used in automotive and defence industries.

(b) Emphasis on growth markets

We view our business in the precision engineering area as a growth area for our Company. As such, we plan to further develop our business in this segment particularly in the automotive and defence industries and with customers whose production processes involve precision machining and industrial automation. To support our pursuit of this business strategy, we intend to expand our sales and marketing team by employing more qualified engineers and quality assurance personnel with the relevant knowledge and experience.

(c) Expansion into the regional geographic markets

We intend to increase our marketing efforts in the regional markets. In particular, we have already stepped up marketing activities in Thailand and Malaysia where we have several existing customers. The focus in the regional markets will be on the electronics and precision engineering industries.

(d) New role as a turnkey component manufacturer

Building on our current strengths as a competent precision aluminium extruder and our strong marketing network with the electronics and precision engineering industries, we intend to leverage on the increasing outsourcing trend to take on a new role as a turnkey manufacturer of components made from aluminium extruded profiles. We will do so by sourcing for contracts to manufacture components from OEMs or device and equipment manufacturers. We will focus on the aluminium alloy extrusionand quality assurance aspects of the contract and source for partners to carry out the fabrication and surface finishing steps of the manufacturing process.

By taking on the whole manufacturing contract, we will be responsible for the whole manufacturing process and relieve our customer of the need to constantly monitor the progress of each step of the manufacturing process. We are currently in discussions with potential customers.

(e) Expansion of manufacturing capacity

We intend to set up manufacturing facilities in a regional country to further expand our manufacturing capacity. In particular, in order to be within close proximity to our future customers, we are currently identifying new locations to set up additional production facilities either in China, Thailand or Malaysia. The set up of such additional production facilities will also help us to expand.