Senior Management Team

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NG SENG JOO RICKY is our General Manager (Profile Sales). His primary responsibilities include the managing and overseeing of the company's sales team responsible for the sale of aluminium extrusion prifiles, as well as identifying new markets and product opportunities for the company.
Ricky has been with the Group since 1997.
ALVIN LING RUOH HUEI is our Marketing Manager. His portfolio of responsibilities include strategic planning, overseeing the implementation of overall business and marketing strategies and the development of new businesses for the Group.
Alvin has been with the company since 1997.
LUM SOH PING is our Chief Financial Officer. She oversees the Group's various accounting, financial control and reporting functions, including SGX-ST reporting, budgetary and credit control and effective cash flow planning. She is also responsible for the Group's cost accounting and management information system. She holds a Bachelor of Accountancy degree from Griffith University, Australia, and is currently a member of CPA Australia.